Why the 9-5 Hinders Creativity: Risk-Takers


I recently took on a project in which I have to travel back and forth from NYC to Charlotte, NC to help out with some UI/IA Design for a website redesign project. In doing that, I thought to myself.. “10 weeks shouldn’t be long at all”.

I didn’t know that I would be horribly wrong.

Every time I take on a 9-5 (or 5:30, 6, 7…) role I kick myself in the butt every time. There is a certain type of air that comes with large corporations and this 9-5 lifestyle of believing that you need to be working ALL the time, even when you are able to cut down on hours, improve communication and create a more efficient work environment. However when you seem to try to be a “changer” instead of a “do as you are told”er then you aren’t a “serious worker”.

There are a lot of different factors that could hinder creativity, whether it’s the corporate politics, the miscommunication or lack of communication from pivotal people to help a project (or workflow) be completed in a reasonable manner and finger pointing instead of working together as a unit.

For these reasons I quit the project earlier than the 10 weeks. I felt guilty as it may “hinder my career”, or that I was abandoning the group, but I actually felt like I wasn’t a part of the project since day 1. I will write on this later. For now I’m still digesting why Corporate America burns more resources than a ’76 Chevy.

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