SXSW Recap 2012 – Video Version

Oh the fun to be had at SXSW… Last year was my first time attending the SXSW conference and I came prepared. I packed my bag with all of my camera equipment, a variety of lenses, microphone, umbrellas, strobes, etc. I took a couple of pictures shot some video and never compiled any of the footage. For shame I say for shame. After looking at it all it didn’t really tell a story it was all just random. This year I came with a brand new plan. I purchased a Canon S100 and left behind my lovely DSLR and decided to take as many pictures as humanly possible (or as many pictures that I could remember to actually take).

Timelapses are fun and easy, especially this kind that takes the essential breakdown of a movie and creates a sort of stop motion film of real life. Essentially films are just 24 -30 pictures taken in one second that are stitched together. So I’m sure some of you are dying to know how to do something like this, well here you go.

  1. Take a ridiculous amount of pictures
  2. Make sure pictures are in a sequential order
  3. Put pictures in one folder
  4. Get Quicktime 7 (Quicktime X doesn’t have what you need)
  5. Go to File, Open Image Sequence, and click the first image in the folder
  6. Choose the Frames per Second (a typical film is 24 fps and tv is 30 fps, for the video above I did 12 fps since I did not have a super ridiculous amount of pictures)
  7. Export the video to view it properly
  8. Load the video in your favorite video editor or just upload it to the internet and enjoy
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