The Freelancer: Struggle and Pain > Joy?



Todays post might be slightly heavy perhaps because of the rain outside. Or maybe it’s just an overall sense of negativity that has seemed to hit me lately, but there is a struggle to being a freelancer.

While it’s talked about a lot, I think most of the subjects that are touched upon are the financial struggles, or finding a client, or maybe not thinking you are good enough to be an independent worker, but I feel not many touch on the psychological effects that it can have on a person, and the fact that have to encourage yourself in a world that doesn’t quite understand you…yet.

As with anything, there is a learning curve that society has when anything is non-traditional. It takes on a new form of being new, unexplored and undefinable. When this happens you are left to translate a part of your life that most people don’t have to do, and won’t do unless they, themselves, tackle in the unknown territory of “freelance-dom”. Besides that struggle you feel incapable of finding supporting people to help you with your business, or at least you feel guilty when you ask others for help.

The balance of work and play becomes a hard thing to plan especially with pressures all around telling you “you need to take a break”, or “why are you so lame”. It’s hard when that happens and you start to feel like a loser. Or maybe it’s the fact that you feel ugly because your skin hasn’t seen sunlight in weeks, you have “chair booty”, and you have pimples galore as if you were a teenager again from all the “balanced meals” you’ve been eating.

There are many reasons to want to throw in the towel, but the thrill seeker in you won’t allow that. You secretly like the pressure of knowing you have to make people happy, that deadlines are your morning coffee, and you want to get better each day to satisfy your competitive bug.

So the emotions you have to fight off are anger, isolation, loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety, overwhelmingness, lack of joy, fear.. The list goes on, and as my eye twitches for the 17th day in a row, I know I must tackle this soon or I won’t have the girth for the rest of this month.

So maybe I picked freelancing because it’s the less of two evils. I want to find a solution (whether temporary or perm) and create a team of dedicate like minded people who can all support each other so that we don’t feel alone. Perhaps until that happens, I’ll take suggestions on how to do this better…

Suggestions anyone?

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