Master Cleanse and Sappi Grant Proposals…

So I am about 4 days into the Master Cleanse Diet and I feel somewhat spacey. I know that doing a cleanse was something that I needed to do for a while now, but it’s just been difficult to figure out the right time I can do it so that I wasn’t doing strenuous work at the time. Since I’m mostly at home now, I figured this may be the best time. Even being at home, my work doesn’t stop. I have been working on a marketing campaign for myself, trying to gain clients and juggle projects. One thing that usually remains constant is it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, you have to be there for your clients. You can’t take a day off, hand in work late and expect them to be understanding. Of course, we may feel the same way if we went to a doctor’s appointment, and they decided to take the day off without telling you. So while my body is expelling that which has remained lodged in me for years, I am learning that which takes people years of learning, and that’s how to manage myself as my own employee, while still remaining smart about my choices and keeping a happy face.

So between designing websites for RFPs, reaching out to every mobile application development agency in the world, and doing a couple side projects, I was also working on a grant proposal for Sappi: Ideas that Matter call for entries. I created a video to highlight the goal and vision which basically is creating an invention that will help urban families grow fresh produce. If we win, I hope to make this a reality while helping lots of people around me. I have always wanted to “give back”, and I believe that this would be an excellent opportunity to do so. I still have to learn time management, but being on this cleanse has definitely helped me to see a part of myself I didn’t before.   More on that later.


Seed Nails (with audio) from Chanelle Henry on Vimeo.

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