Mobile Application Design – Medicine Cabinet REDESIGN CASE STUDY

I have been out on vacation due to a knee surgery that I got last Wednesday (August 31). In my chilling, I started browsing for an application that would help me track all my medications, and help remind me of which ones to take. I stumbled across about 15 different, not so great, designed applications, and I thought to myself, there should be a way for people use an app that is useful, intuitive, and helps make it easy to do something that they hate, which is: Take medication.

I came up with this:

medicine cabinet

The hope is that this app will mimic a lot of Apple-esque applications, and create a easy interface to look up pills, add pills, create reminders, and even track some herbal medications. I felt the current applications were clunky, and didn’t pay much attention to the real purpose of the application which is to:

• Track medication

• Be reminded to take medication

• Send lists of medications to important medical professionals.


There are a lot of edits I need to make, as I did this while watching Law & Order, but I really want to create this app or team up with a company that wants to make a difference. I think it would be really cool to create, as well as needed! This is what happens when you have time on your hands and can’t walk. 🙂

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  • kimberly lewis

    September 9, 2011

    I love this app that you designed. Its so refreshing to see a product made for women of color be so innovative. I really appreciate it.

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