Infographic Designer? Top 7 sites for Inspiration

As an Infographic Designer, I find myself constantly trying to find ways to help streamline my design process as it’s good to find a process to follow so that you can create stunning infographics that will be talked on top sites.

With Infographics gaining such popularity these days, it’s good to know how to create one, how to find good ones, or even what to expect from your infographic designer when you want to represent your company in the best light. After all Infographics aren’t going anywhere! I mean there’s an infographic for the great toilet paper debate:


So what are some good resources:

1. Creatica – A really good place for inspiration of what other designs are creating, and they rank against others.


2. РIf your infographic gets here, you are awesome, or the king/queen of all things infographicular.


3. – the new kid on the block. The one thing worries me about the site is that they are creating a tool to help people make infographics in a flash. It’s almost as dangerous when Microsoft people the power to create their own websites. Other than that, this site is cool to see infographics spread amongst the web.


4. Column Five Media – If you’ve seen an infographic, chances are Column Five Media did it. They are a really cool agency, I used to design infographics for them back in my wee stages, but now I just admire their work on GOOD since it makes up like 70% of the stuff they have on their site.


5. GraphicRiver – Oh the beautiful people over at Envato, they always seem to have everything you need. In the event that you need some elements already made for you where you can just pop in, you should probably head over here and get those elements. No cheating though, so try to use accordingly and switch it up when you can.


6. Vecteezy – I used to go to Brusheezy often when I was in Photoshop, but now that I spend most of my time in Illustrator (and the answer is YES you should try to do your IGs in Illustrator as much as possible!), this site has a multitude of vectors that can be used, royalty free, for your beautiful graphics.


7. All Silhouettes – My most recent find, and lifesaver, this has over a million different files of vector icons (AI ready), and available for download for download… FREE! This site is a God send, not really pretty to look at, but once you get past all the ads, you have what you need!

This is just a small list, but I use these the most every day. Do you have any sites that I missed? Please share them!

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