Ditch the Business Plan!


A few weeks ago I was sitting in panel after panel at SXSW 2011, trying to gain information on how to be a better freelancer, professional and person overall. In a series of talks that I had taken notes from and gained knowledge from, a few stood out. One on “ditching the business plan” was relevant because I take so long before I get to action sometimes that I feel time passes me by (and it does as I look up and it’s 5 months later). Here are a few things that I took away from that panel:

• don’t be something you are not, be authentic and inject your personality
• use your instinct – too much analysis can kick an idea (taken from lansanders.com)
• take lots of action, if it doesn’t work, take as much from that experience as you can
• with all the plugins and online support, WordPress is your friend!

You can follow more of that conversation by searching the hashish #ditchplan on Twitter. Really good talk that inspires action.

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