Changing Faces: Welcome to CHD Collective!


This is an exciting time here at CHD Collective, as we are starting to officially open up our doors and our hearts to new clients, new partners and new possibilities! Just to document some of our journey, we started out as individuals doing our own things and learning tricks of the trade, becoming experts in our craft, and finding new innovative ways to be awesome at what we do. It was a long journey to become CHD Collective, and we are happy with the transition. A few questions arose that we thought may be helpful to other businesses and business hopefuls out there.

Who are we, and why is it important?

Before knowing who it is you are, you must first realize and nail down who it is you want to become. For us, we want to not only be a virtual design shop, but we also want to make products, create leaders, and be teachers/experts within our field. We look up to few agencies that currently do this such as IDEO, Behance (more on the ideas side), and Carsonified to name a few. We wanted to fill in the missing gaps as we find them, and currently, we feel that we are fulfilling that vision, slowly  but surely.

What do we want to offer?

We don’t want to just offer products, or finished websites and mobile applications. We want to create experiences. Both for the client and their clients and customers. As PBS Special as it may sound, we want to create a movement, in which we are getting people to think beyond the ordinary, but to push limits and to see that dreams can be achieved by just allowing yourself to think in a space where ideas and questions are fostered into something reachable. We also don’t just want clients, but we want a community in which the trendsetters and world changers can be apart. What’s a collab without its people?

Where will we get funding?

With our aggressive networking and marketing ideas, we are confident that we will have a continuous stream of client and revenue popping in. We also have a few products/inventions that we want to get to the market, and with those initiatives, incubators, VCs and accelerators seem to be the words of the month!

So we are excited about our growth, and hope you will join us in the journey. We will post a lot of meaningful stuff here, whether it’s valuable resources or just our status and some good discussions, we’ll keep it short as to not bore you!

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