3 Reasons Why You Should Fail


This topic has been rampant in my life of people sharing their fears in many different formats. But what is fear?

One sentence. Not a long post. I’m sick of reading long posts that say the same thing about why I should fail to recognize success. I may say that eventually but first I’ll say this…

Failure is a prerequisite to understanding and defining success to appreciate your journey all the more.

Here’s why you should allow failure. Short and sweet:

1. It helps you to recognize success when (not if) it happens.

2. You are able to realize what you need to do next time.

3. It makes you stronger because you realize that the rebound is sweeter and not tragic.

So fail. And fail often. As long as you continue to be active and not procrastinate, you are succeeding through your failure.

How do you appreciate failure?

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